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Bookshop hours

Next PCH Book store sale
30 September 2017
08:30 - 12:00.

Tuesdays, Fridays


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The PCH Bookshop will close
at 12:00 on Tue 15 Dec 2015 &
re-open on Tue 12 Jan at 09:30.

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Alzheimer's Support Group

Next Alzheimer's Support Group:

Mon, 18 September 2017
at 17:15.

Facilitated by Registered Trauma Counsellor, Riekie Coetsee.

Apply today

Contact Matron Rina Oosthuysen at 012 460 2221 to make an appointment.

Brain Exercises

by Dr M van Niekerk - MB.ChB. (UOVS) MMed (Neuro) FCP (SA)

  • "Use it - or lose it"
    • Read
    • Card games
    • Board games

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Alzheimer's: Gepaardgaande probleme

deur Dr. M van Niekerk - MB.ChB. (UOVS) MMed (Neuro) FCP (SA)

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Normal ageing versus early Alzheimer's symptoms

by Dr M van Niekerk - MB.ChB. (UOVS) MMed (Neuro) FCP (SA)

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Alzheimer's Stadiums

deur Dr M van Niekerk (MB.ChB. (UOVS) MMed (Neuro) FCP (SA)

Stadium 1 (1 - 3 jaar)

  • Sukkel om nuwe inligting aan te leer byvoorbeeld 'n nuwe telefoonnommer.
  • Herroep van inligting effe ingeperk (name, medisyne).
  • Kan voorkom of die persoon "onbetroubaar" of "verstrooid" is (inkopies, afsprake).
  • Hantering van finansies raak moeilik.

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Difference between normal aging and dementia

As we get older we do seem to forget things more often - like where we left our keys, or someone's name - and we seem to need lists for everything! People often ask, does this mean I am developing dementia?

It is true that the brain does change with age, but the changes are more subtle than people think. The changes include:

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Thought of the week

"A year from now you may wish you had started today." ~ Karen Lamb



MORNING MARKET  ~  Saturday 21 October 2017, 08:00

Our next BIG EVENT will be the PCH Morning Market in October. 

We are already busy preparing for this as it is the Home's major annual fundraiser. We will very much appreciate donations of clothing, household items, furniture, toys, books, etc that you no longer have a purpose for.  Closer to the time donations of plants and baked goods will also be welcome.

As in the past we also invite traders to display and sell their goods at our market.  Please use contact details below.

For more information, to donate, to trade, or to assist in one of our market stalls, please contact Annerie:

012 460 2221 / email

Last, but not least please diarise our morning market as you, your family & friends are invited to enjoy a beautiful Spring morning with us.

Thank you for your continous support!



Mo 10:00   Library
We 10:30   Exercises
Th 14:30   Fabric Painting


To the following residents who celebrate their birthdays in September 2017:

We hope that your day will be as special as you are -

Mrs GCM Fourie

Mr WJ du Plooy

Mrs JCM Janse van Rensburg

Mr PCE Thuynsma

















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